Green Tips

Making the world a bit greener, one Echo at a time

Component 1:
Amazon Echo and Fire Phone

The Amazon Echo has an implemented initiative to respond in a conversational manner to the user with a simple but effective change in daily lifestyle that can help save the environment, via voice activation. The Amazon Fire Phone has an sync functionality that receives recorded information from the Echo after user inquiry.

Component 2:
Arduino LCD Display Shield

Visualizing the environmentally beneficial tips provided by the Green Tips initiative, the dfRobot LCD display coupled with an Arduino Uno ideally produces a sycned response with the Echo's daily tip for being eco-friendly while including the reason behind why each tip's effectiveness.

Component 3:
MySQL Database and Web Server

The MySQL database is hosted locally on a web server which allows for user additions and list displays through a website interface by using PHP queries, acting as the base of information that the Echo ideally draws upon for reliable information regarding green initiatives.